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Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Day

I had a fairly good day today, nothing exciting to report, I was just thankful to have a good day. I accomplished a few things and I always feel good when I feel like I have accomplished something, especially several things. I have up days and down days, doesn't everyone? I like to take advantage of my good days. I don't expect to get everything done but I do try and do as much as humanly possible. I tend to get behind on everything when I have down days and after a few in a row, I have to force myself to do things, but I usually feel better once I do. Today started out as one of those days when I had to force myself to do something. I usually set a goal for the day. I pick one thing or two that I have been putting off and I concentrate on getting it done. If I get it done quickly, I take a little break, but not long. I then pick something else and do that I have been putting off. Sometimes one or two things are all I get done, but some days like today, it can have a snowball effect and I actually accomplish quite a bit and as a result, I feel quite a bit better. I never know for sure how the next day will be. Sometimes I go to bed with a big game plan for the next day and by the time I wake up, the game is over.

Well, today one of the things I did was work in my garden. It isn't a large garden, although, I would like to have one that is a bit bigger. Right now, I just have several raised beds. I have tomatoes and cucumbers. I plan to do more, but that is all I have for now. I have some tiny bell pepper plants in little cups that I will transplant soon. I also like planting flowers and things. One of my planned projects is to redo the walkway from my front porch to my driveway. I had extended an existing sidewalk with bricks spaced an inch or so apart, as a temporary fix for a muddy mess every time it rained. Well, it has served it's purpose but it didn't turn out quite as well as I had pictured, so I am going to dig them up and replace them with 24 inch pavers. I would have poured some concrete or used stepping stones but I already have the pavers from where our large grill use to sit. We decided to move the grill around to the back of the house onto the back porch for more privacy, which leaves me with six large pavers, perfect for my walkway. I am also taking out quite a bit of loriope grass which now forms an edge for the sidewalk. I plan to redistribute it to different parts of the yard as well as give some of it to family and friends who are willing to take it. I am going to leave a few patches of the loriope grass and plants flowers along with it. I haven't decided what type of flowers to put there yet. I do know that I will need something which can tolerate lots of sun. It is one of the few spots in my yard that gets sun and it gets quite a bit. I have spent quite a bit of time searching for shade loving plants for the rest of the yard. I would also like some sort of perennial, so that it will come back again each year until I decide I want something else. Well, I will let you know if I accomplish this before summer is over. Wish me plenty of up days. I will need them.

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