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Friday, June 08, 2012

PictSweet Southwest Potatoes, Corn, And Black Beans Review

I forgot to post my Sunday dinner photos and it seems a little late to be posting them, since it's already Friday, so I thought I would just do a regular post for yesterday with a review of PictSweet's Southwest Potatoes, Corn, & Black beans along with a leftover makeover on my Smart Ground spaghetti sauce.

First I will tell you about the breakfast I had yesterday. Nothing spectacular to look at, but it was very yummy. I had my big cup of half caf with one of the guys leftover biscuits. There were two. I ate one and Lucas had the other. Lucas sliced his and placed a peanut butter snickers square inside and placed it in the microwave. I haven't tried that yet, but he swears it's awesome. I sliced mine, toasted it in the toaster over, then spread it with a nice thick later of honey & butter. My biscuit was pretty awesome too. I've added biscuits to the grocery list again. I'm looking forward to another one of these.

For lunch I had an ear of corn & leftover linguine with my Smart Ground spaghetti sauce. It seemed a little better than when I first made it, probably because it was warm this time, lol.

I had a sweet craving so I fished this little snack cake out of the freezer. It wasn't quite what I was in the mood for. It was just too little and dry.

Later I had another snack since the first was not satisfying. I had an apple with the last of my graham crackers spread with peanut butter. It was much more satisfying. The apple was juicy and more filling.

I tried PictSweet's Southwest Potatoes, Corn, & Black Beans in Queso Sauce with dinner last night.
 The potatoes had a great flavor, but the beans were a little under done. The corn was over cooked, chewy and sticky, but the potatoes were just right. I'm not sure I would buy this one again. It seems simple enough to make my own with more evenly cooked veggies and maybe a little more sauce. This would have been great for a quick side dish otherwise. I will generously give this 3 stars. I had such high hopes for this one after eating their Tuscan Vegetable Medley.

As you can see I also had a Veggie Patch veggie dog with chili made from some of leftover spaghetti sauce and a slice of white American cheese wrapped around the hotdog. I added chili powder and chipotle powder to the spaghetti sauce. It was so much better as hotdog chili. I probably could have went for 2 of these had I not eaten the potatoes.

I will probably have to skipped tomorrows post, because I have plans and it's harder to get anything done on the weekends lately. I'm planning an early trip to the grocery store, plus an afternoon birthday party to attend, then hopefully a quiet even at home. We'll see how it goes. You know about the best laid plans, right? Have a great weekend!!!

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