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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Three Days Of Fun

Here are a few pictures from the last few days. They were sort of hectic, but we had a pretty good weekend despite the fact that we had a lot going on. There was a birthday party to attend, grocery shopping to be done and I also had to retrieve my camera. I didn't get as many pictures at the party as I would have liked, but I did manage to get a few.

The girls had a great time and Autumn is such a cutie. We enjoyed be able to celebrate her birthday with her.

 There were snacks and sandwich before having the cake and ice cream.

I totally forgot to get a shot of my plate of snacks, but I did get a photo of my cake and ice cream.

The next few shots are of some of the food I had over the last few days.

My toasted biscuit with butter & honey.

My Smart Ground flat breat pizza.

I even had a root beer. I normally just drink water, tea or coffee, but occasionally I have a soft drink. The root beer was really fizzy, so I drank part of it on Sunday & had the rest yesterday.

Cream cheese & vegetable crackers.

Dinner at Dana & Jerry's after picking up my camera.

The girls & I painted with water colors yesterday. Lexi got the idea for a hand puppet after watching Jimmy Neutron. Mary had to have one too.

Mary had fun just playing in the high chair, buckling & unbuckling, painting, eating, putting hair barrettes in her hair, and posing for the camera.

We had 3 days of fun and now I need a nap, lol. I went to bed early last night and 9 hours later was rudely awakened by an unwelcome alarm. I'd love to just sleep until I wake up once, just to see how long that would be. It took a bit to get this together. Trying to fit 3 days into one post is very difficult for an indecisive person. How was your weekend? Could you fit it all into one post, lol? Have a great day!!!

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