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Monday, October 18, 2010

Food & Relaxation

 Today started off in a rush. Luckily I slept ok. I left my Advil at Mom's and had to take Tylenol, which doesn't work as well for me. It took longer for it to kick in and therefore I didn't get to sleep as quickly as I would have liked. When I woke up this morning, my DH, Dale was ready to go. He needed to go and get a few things from Lowes and since I wanted to ride along, I had to hurry. I threw on my clothes, grabbed a half an everything bagel, smeared it with a little low fat cream cheese and out the door we went.  
 We were off to find parts for his latest project. He is making cookers (barbecues, grills whatever you choose to call them) for other people. He has several orders for them. We picked up some paint, hinges, etc. He has several large barrels he uses to make them, but makes all different sizes. There are usually lots of parties or get-togethers in the Fall, usually for Halloween and Thanksgiving, but spread out throughout the season. The cooler weather seems to inspire people to gather around a warm cooker loaded with food to eat and socialize. There's also usually a deep fryer involved and an assortment of covered dishes filled with side dishes and desserts; something for everyone. 

 After we got back home, it was clear that my bagel had not been enough. I was ready for another tasty treat. I decided to have the other half of my bagel with some hummus and leftover broccoli casserole. I also enjoy a nectarine and a mini cupcake for dessert. 

Relaxing today was my ultimate goal, to try and get over my back trouble. It was really bothering me after lunch. I sat with my ice pack for a while, which helped some. It's not that bad, I just don't want it to get any worse. I think I've reached my goal, as a result, I didn't accomplish much today. 

My puppies need a bath and as soon as my back is better, there are going to be some clean puppies around here. Hopefully if I am good to my back it will heal quickly. I really hate being confined, even if I am still able to use my laptop. I sat and thought about what to fix for supper. The grocery store is also on my list of things to do. My choices for meals are limited until then. I settled for a Boca burger with sliced tomatoes over spring mix and Herbes de Provence stuffing mix. I added a little Vidalia onion vinaigrette to my tomato and spring mix. It was very satisfying. I've also been munching on my snack mixes here and there.

Now I can watch a little tv and get ready for bed.

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