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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fresh Market Snacks & Dinner

I must say it was a beautiful day today, although I did wake up this morning with back trouble; my usual should muscle spasms. I think from lifting laundry over puppy gates, but with some ibuprofen and an ice pack it was manageable. I had the other half of yesterday's breakfast and started getting ready to leave for  dinner at Mom's. Today's dinner was a surprise to me. Usually Mom emails and lets me know what the menu will be, but she was shopping on Saturday and didn't get around to emailing me. 

My daughter, Lindsay and the kids were able to join us. My DS, Cathy and BIL, Eddie were there. Mom and Cathy made a trip to Fresh Market yesterday and got some snacks for today. Here Lexi is sampling the Autumn Mix, not quite herself today, but I did get a little smile.

Another shot of Lexi being kind of pout-y for no particular reason.


I just love the little faces Mary makes. We are starting to see more of her personality.

Now for the snacks, while dinner finishes cooking. This is a shot of the Autumn Mix. I am assuming it was from Fresh Market, but not entirely sure. It is candy corn, white raisins, peanuts and reese's pieces. I have a recipe for another Autumn snack mix, I will try to post later. 

Peanut Butter Pretzels

And Sesame Sticks. I love these. These are plain but they also have a spicy and a sweet version, I love them all.
For the meat eaters, there was chicken, steak and barbecued ribs. 

For those of us that eat veggies, there was broccoli casserole,

Mashed Potatoes

Potato Salad

Fresh from the garden cherry tomatoes,

Mushroom Tortellini with veggies,

Baked Mac and Cheese

And Macaroni Salad 

This is my plate. It's looks like a big sample platter; it needs some more green.

Afterwards we had assorted donuts from Dunkin Donuts and mini muffins from Fresh Market (not sure what kind, but they were maybe pumpkin spice or something similar and very good). There was also some big muffins from Dunkin Donuts that I forgot to get a shot of which were similar in taste to the mini's w/o the creamy icing; again very good and I got to have coffee, because it was decaf and very good. BTW despite waking up with back trouble, I slept very well after not having regular coffee with breakfast yesterday.

This is my sample platter of dessert. The muffins were the best.

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