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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Visit to Patterson Farms Market

Update: I'm posting a link for Patterson Farms website in case you are interested in checking them out.

I manage to skip my everything bagel this morning, but I will have to have it tomorrow. I did have the caramel apple nut loaf along with one of the honey crisp apples. I slathered the nut loaf with warm peanut butter and it was very yummy. The honey crisp apple was crisp and slightly tarter than the pink ladies or the galas. It was very juicy and went perfectly with the sweetness of the nut loaf. I think it would be very good for making cakes or muffins and although I didn't get my bagel, breakfast was a hit. I just wish the night had gone so well.

I didn't sleep very well. It may have been yesterday's coffee, but it's hard to tell. I didn't have any this morning, just in case. I am caffeine sensitive, but it was half caffeine coffee. I am planning to turn in early tonight either way. Breakfast was also more like lunch. The rest of the day was not quite a productive as yesterday. It was a fairly lovely day. It started off with a little rain, but since I slept in, it wasn't a problem for me. The rest of the day was dry and sunny. There obviously wasn't a large amount of rain because, I really wouldn't have known it had rained, except for the fact that I was awake briefly while it was raining.

Later I went to Patterson Farms and picked up a few veggies for my evening salad. I got a few cucumbers, a couple of tomatoes, a red onion and a yellow onion.  I had some spinach and cheese ravioli  with my salad. I sprinkled the ravioli with a little parmesan and oregano. It wasn't very elaborate but it was very good and very filling. I also had a little of the nuts and berries mix later as a snack. I didn't realize until I ate some, that it has little dried blueberries in it. It was a nice surprise. I like blueberries but I've never eaten them dried. I had added some lightly salted mix nuts to the mix to make it go farther. I just love the salty sweet taste. 

Patterson Farm's Market

My not so lovely, but oh so tasty dinner.

Now to put you in the mood for cooler temperatures we're expecting. Here are some photos I took at Patterson Farms.

 Lettuce Bowls - I think these are beatiful.

Rosemary Bush - I have one about this size.


  1. I love your pictures. I would love to take the girls to Patterson's to get a pumpkin. Those lettuce bowls were neat.

  2. Thanks. I am hoping to get an even better camera one of these days. You should take the girls. You can check their site for events. Here's the url: