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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday's Photos Delayed

Well, it seems as though today's photos are postponed. As luck would have it, my camera battery died shortly after taking a few photos. I am not happy with my camera. It is a Fujifilm FinePix Z. It takes pretty good pictures but it has it's own special battery, which has to be charged on it's own charger out of the camera. Unfortunately I only have one battery which means, I have to wait until it is charged before I can use the camera again. My old HP camera had rechargeable AA batteries and a charging stand for the camera itself. When my batteries died, I could either sit the camera on the charger to recharge or pop in a couple of fresh AA batteries. I always carried a couple in my camera bag, which was very convenient should I be snapping away somewhere and suddenly realize my batteries are dying. I don't know if the cameras actually tell when the batteries are low until it's too late or not, but I've never noticed if they did. It may be my own fault for not checking but I know I can't be the only person who doesn't. My next camera will be more suited to my needs, hopefully.

Now I will tell you about the rest of the day. I woke up late this morning. I had gotten my sleep pattern messed up earlier this week, having coffee too late in the evening (as mentioned in an earlier post).  I still haven't gotten straightened out yet.  I had me half of a cinnamon raisin bagel and an apple, to tide me over until dinner was ready. We usually have dinner at Mom's on Sunday. I jumped in the shower and after that it wasn't long until we were on our way. We were having sort of a birthday dinner, for me. We had a lovely dinner. I had portabella mushrooms stuffed with veggie crumbles, bread crumbs and parmesan/ramano  cheese, potato casserole, spicey bean soup, broccoli pasta salad, and parker house rolls. There was also pork loin, turkey breast, and roast beef for the meat eaters and for dessert, my favorite red velvet cake, with (as Mom says) gravy icing. In case you are wondering, the icing is made sort of the same way you make gravy. It sounds gross, but is really very good.

My daughter, her husband and my 2 grand babies were there, my sister and her husband, my son, and of course my mother was also there. My sister and her husband brought me some goodies from the Fresh Market. We all love the Fresh Market. We all had a good visit as usual. Afterward we packed up leftovers, said our good byes and headed home. It was a good day. Hopefully I will get some pictures up  shortly.

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