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Friday, October 08, 2010

The Last of Summer

Here is the last of the veggies from my somewhat limited garden, which I started and kind of never got around to taking care of. I usually have a small but fairly nice garden but this year was not my year for gardening.  It was a nice day. I actually felt like doing some gardening today but I had things inside I needed to do first and I ran out of time. Maybe I can get a little done tomorrow.

I guess I will be enjoying some home grown peppers in my salad tomorrow. I eat a lot of salad. There are so many things you can do with salad. It is one of my favorite things to eat and if you are eating out then I must say Ruby Tuesday's is the best place for salad or at least it's my favorite place. They have the freshest salad.

I tend to eat more salad in the summer. I love the home grown tomatoes and cucumbers I usually get from my garden. This year, I got them mostly from produce stands and farmers markets, never from the grocery store if I can help it. It just isn't the same. I love the heirloom tomatoes and the little pickling cucumbers the best. Heirloom tomatoes can be a little ugly on the outside, but I love the way they look on the inside. I call them meaty tomatoes. They don't have a lot of seeds like other tomatoes and as much as I love tomatoes, I hate tomato seeds or should I say that jelly looking stuff they're surrounded by. That's also the reason I love Roma tomatoes; not a lots of seeds there either.
I hardly eat any fresh tomatoes or cucumbers in the winter time and since I didn't eat as many this summer as I normally do, I will surely miss them. I will also miss the sunny days since we don't see quite as many in the winter. I am glad that the 90 degree and up days are fading but I'm just too cold natured to enjoy winter. I need to live somewhere where it stays in the 70's year round.

We've already had the heat on this year. It has been fairly cool at night, but then again, I did say I was cold natured. What can I say, even my dog wants a blanket. I guess soon, I will be saying, "See ya later, Summer." and looking forward to the things I enjoy about Fall.


  1. Even though summer will be gone today's little heat wave proved that it won't be extinguished that easily. I do hope that you had a wonderful day anyways.

  2. I did have a wonderful day and I agree, summer is not going down without a fight.