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Monday, May 28, 2012

Cake And Coffee Breakfast

Breakfast yesterday was cake & coffee. Don't think cake, think muffin. What's the difference? Both are sweet and involve sugar, flour, & eggs. This cake even has fruit & nuts. It's a pineapple upside down cake with pecans, that Lynda made from scratch.

I had egg salad on pumpernickel for lunch. Egg salad is so much better on pumpernickel than on plain old white bread.

Since lunch was small, my snack was a bit bigger, sort of a mini meal. I had 2 Light Life roast turkey style deli slices with 2 slices of white American cheese wrapped around 2 jalapeno pickle spears with some spicy sweet chili Doritos. It was a yummy snack.

I basically just snacked along the entire day, with mini meals and ice cream. I just had a little of the Breyers vanilla, but I've knocked a dent in the carton. It kills me how small the containers are getting, not to mention the price getting bigger. Before you know it, it will only be sold in single servings with a $10 tag, talk about portion control. Don't be messin' with my ice cream people!

I had an Amy's enchilada verde dinner last night. These look rather small, but are pretty filling. I always think I'll need something to go with it, but I never do.

I baked this one in the toaster oven, which takes forever, about 35 minutes. It wasn't any better than doing it in the microwave. It dried out the rice & beans a little and the edges of the tortilla were a little tough. I think I would just as soon do this dinner in the microwave.

It wasn't a "big dinner" Sunday at Mom's, but it wasn't a bad one. My schedule is off this week, so I'm blogging today instead of tomorrow. See you on Thursday, I think? Have a great day/week!!! I going back for more coffee.

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