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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Less Sugar And Caffeine

Well, I went to be very late, but I didn't sleep well and I was up after about 51/2 hours. I decided to skip the half caf and have lemon ginseng green tea with my breakfast of vanilla wafers, apple, and a few strawberries from the garden. I was hoping I could sleep better tonight and the small amount of caffeine in the tea did keep me from having a headache today.

My lunch was like a large snack. I had red pepper hummus, Texas Pete potato chips, a carrot sliced, and some broccoli. It was a good choice.

I didn't get much done today. I wasn't feeling very energetic, but never felt the need for a nap. I had some raisins and a few salted almonds before dinner. I made succotash with brown rice.

I used a can of diced tomatoes, some butter peas, corn, onion, basil, vegetable salt, oil, and water. It was slightly salty, because of the tomatoes. The unsalted version would have been better. Leaving the salt out of the rice made up for the saltiness. It was very good.

I also had a few graham crackers with peanut butter after dinner.

I'm hoping the decreased amount of sugar and caffeine I've had today will help with my ability to get a good nights rest. I could certainly use one. Now before it gets any later, I going to get this posted and get ready for bed. I'll let you know if it works out. Have a great night/day!!!

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