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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Light Life Smart Deli Veggie Protein Slices Review

Up a bit earlier this morning than planned. Sandy, the canine queen, insisted on going out early, about 45 minutes earlier than my scheduled wake-up time. There was no getting back to sleep.

(see ADD) I believe I need a device that's just for blogging without a browser for internet distractions. I get sidetracked too easily. I could have had this post up lots sooner if it weren't so easy to browse. Most likely why posts are sometimes late.

Yesterday, there was cereal for breakfast, frosted mini wheats. 

I had coffee, 1/2 caf of course, afterwards. I make 6 cups in my coffee maker, which equals one and a 1/2 cups in my larger mugs.

I had Light Life's Smart Deli Roast Turkey Style veggie protein slices on a sandwich for lunch.
They look very similar to the Tofurky oven roasted deli slices. The taste is similar too. I do think there may be a slight difference, but not much of one. The Light Life slices are a bit thicker and easier to separate than the Tofurky slices, which wins a few extra brownie points. I still prefer the taste of the Peppered Tofurky Slices, but the Light Life would get my vote otherwise. Both are great for munching straight out of the package. I usually have a slice while making my sandwich.

I had shredded iceberg, mayo, and jalapeno pickle spears on white bread with my deli slices.

Not a bad sandwich. I guess Light Life will be getting 5 stars as well. 

Another bowl of Breyer's vanilla as my late afternoon snack. I still say I could eat the whole carton.

This is my tator tot dinner. I also had a side salad of iceberg, spinach, shredded Mexican cheese and Zesty Catalina dressing. We tried the onion flavored tots, but weren't impressed, not enough onion flavor and you could get the same effect buy the store brand and adding a sprinkle of onion powder, with the added advantage of more onion flavor. These were not worth the extra $$$.

Yeah, my pages sometime have bonus reviews, not mentioned in the title, but I would have to do a separate post otherwise and I have a hard enough time doing one, lol. Guess that's it for today. Have a good one!!!

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