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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fish And More

I'm starting to like this 7-8 hours sleep nights, I could go 9 I think, but it's way better than 5-6. I also think I sleep better when I get to bed before 12am. I still feel like I need coffee when I get up, but with my 1/2 caf and B12, I can get through the day without being sleepy. No naps needed.

I had a huge cup of coffee with a raisin cream pie. This is not a healthy breakfast, not very filling either.

I also had a piece of cheese toast. I used half a slice of white American cheese with some shredded Mexican blend cheese, parsley, garlic, and black pepper; the ultimate cheese toast.

I had my coffee, but forgot my B12. I even had a MIB iced coffee from Dunkin, but I kept yawning all day. I guess that B12 does more than I thought. I've made sure to take it today.

We went shopping at Sears, Hobby Lobby, and then to Long John's for fish. We all got the 2 piece fish with fries and hush puppies. The fish was sort of greasy, even for fried fish. It was more like it had been dipped in oil. The hush puppies and fries were pretty good. I've been craving hush puppies for a while. Captains D's are better though. I had malt vinegar with my fish and cocktail sauce with my fries and hush puppies. It was a pretty good lunch, but we didn't ring the bell.

I had a handful of TFM Men's Omega3 Energy snack mix when I got home and for dinner later, I had a MSF riblet with leftover LJS fries and 2 of Mom & Lynda's leftover hush puppies. OMG, what's with all the 3 letter abbreviations, right?
 It was a good day. Now I'm going to go and see if I can make this one a good one too. Enjoy yours!!!

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