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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Fresh Start

A fresh start this morning....on blogging that is. I'm trying something else, trying to make this work with the rest of my schedule. I still didn't get to bed all that early, although it was way before 4am, so I slept in until 9 this morning. Now I'm rushing around trying to get this done before eleven and it's going to be close if I make it.
So here's what went on yesterday all summed up rather quickly. I had the last biscuit with 2 Gimme Lean sausages plus peach preserves. I also had 2 cups of half caf afterwards that I apparently didn't get a shot of. Due to a brain fade the coffee maker wasn't turned on before I made my biscuit. It was all set up, but someone who shall remain nameless didn't push the button. Bad things can happen before coffee, even if it's just half caf.

This is lunch. I had Mac & Cheese with chili beans and a small spinach salad. The salad included some carrot sticks, onion and spicy ranch dressing.

This was kinda sorta my late afternoon snack/dinner. I had this before taking a late afternoon nap.

I wasn't all that hungry when I got up so I just made a plate of simple nachos to go with our Netflix movie we were planning to watch. It's just tortillas, shredded cheddar and salsa, but it was pretty good.

We watched "We Bought A Zoo" starring Matt Damon. I loved that it was based on a true story and a pretty good story at that. It is a little tear jerky, but still very good. I didn't have to break out the tissues or anything. I'm just going to give it 4 star though, because, I try to avoid tear jerkers, but since this one wasn't so bad and it had a great ending, it was worth the look. 

Now I'm outta here with a few moments to spare. Have a great day and I think I will too!!!

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