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Friday, March 23, 2012

Change Of Plans

My day started off with a little pancake breakfast, a breakfast of little pancakes actually. I had a couple of small pancakes which I'd made for the kids, but Lexi had preferred the large ones, so, I had a couple left. I spread them with peanut butter and topped them with Lingonberries. I also had a cup of Chobani blood orange yogurt. 

For lunch I had a peppered tofurky sandwich with colby pepper jack cheese, tomato, and spicy ranch on white bread with Doritos on the side. One of those jalapeno pickles would have been nice. I forgot to get me a jar when I went to the store.

I also had a cup of lemon & ginseng green tea with honey.
I was suppose to go to Lindsay's today, but it fell through. She had another appointment and was late getting back, so we just decided to wait until tomorrow. It was just as well. I wasn't feeling particularly energetic today. 

I had a few Oreos for my afternoon snack. Actually they were Food Lion brand, but they were pretty good. It was their version of the double stuff. 

I had more potato soup with shredded colby and cornbread for dinner.

I crumbled the cornbread on top of the soup again. I added fresh cracked black pepper last minute to this bowl. 

We watched a movie after dinner. It was "Bad Teacher" with Cameron Diaz. It wasn't just a bad teacher, it was a bad movie. I sort of expected it, but was willing to give it a chance. Unfortunately I was right. It was pretty stupid and to make things worse, we watched the unrated version. I think the theatrical version would had been bad enough. It you are into that sort of comedy then you may give it a better rating, but it's just not my thing.  For me, this movie only earned 2 stars. 

I'm looking for some new movies to add to our Netflix queue. Any suggestions? Well it's late and if I'm going to get up at a decent hour, I need to be in bed. Have a great night/day!!!

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