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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

It's All Down Hill From Here

Ok, so a second night of good sleep just wasn't meant to be. I tossed and turned finally getting up around 7:30am when I had planned to sleep another hour. I thought I'd be well rested by 8:30. I would have slept until 10 if, I'd at least managed to get some sleep before daylight. I had a big cup of mostly decaf, half an apple, and another cinnamon roll for breakfast. No point in getting all hopped up on caffeine when I wasn't sleepy to begin with. Being sleepy came later while I had the girls and there was no chance for a nap, but hey, it's Wednesday, "Hump Day", so it must be all down hill from here, right?

After the girls arrived and I'd managed to get them some lunch, I fixed myself a little something. I had a Veggie Patch Chick'n Cutlet in a pita with shredded iceberg lettuce, honey mustard dressing/dip, dill pickle slices, and a few Doritos. I cut the tip off of the pita to make a deeper pocket, then I slid my chick'n cutlet inside cutting off the end that was sticking out. I put the end inside next to the rest of the cutlet. I stuffed the pocket full of shredded lettuce on one side of the cutlet. I had my pickles, honey mustard, and chips on the side. I made the honey mustard using light mayo, a dab of honey, and of course, mustard. I spread a little on top of my pita, adding more as I ate. I had bites of pickle and chips between bites of my pita sandwich. This made for a less messing meal. It was pretty good.

It wasn't long after eating that the sleepies set in, so I fixed myself a cup of lemon ginseng tea. It didn't cure my completely, but it kept my eyes open. 

I didn't have much energy left by dinner time, so I popped an Amy's vegetable enchilada into the microwave for a quick meal. It wasn't exactly what I was in the mood for, but I didn't have to spend 30-60 minutes on my feet preparing it either. 

I have spent the evening trying to get a book added to my kindle. I was sending it to Amazon, but didn't realize I hadn't converted it from epub to mobi. Apparently it's not an instant process. You send, you wait and if it works, it eventually gets to your kindle wirelessly. It's been so long since I had added a book that way, I'd basically forgotten how and had to go through the whole process or figuring it out again.  

I also watched a show called Happily Divorced on Hulu. It's a new show on TV Land with Fran Drescher. It was pretty funny. I watched 2 episodes. There are 10 on Hulu, but I only have 3 days to watch them which sort of sucks. I guess I will get ready for bed now and worry about watching Hulu later. Have a great night/day!!!

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