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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gardein Chipotle Lime Crispy Fingers Review

I'm am so late getting this post done. I've not really been in the blogging mood lately. It seems like I have more I want to do than I have time to get done, not to mention that I am so easily sidetracked (Pinterest mostly). Well, if you know me or have been reading my blog, you have probably resigned yourself to this quirk of mine. I, however, have trouble excepting it, constantly trying to improve without any real change. Oh, well.

As for yesterday, I had coffee and what I refer to as an egg salad quesadilla, which is just egg salad that is spread onto a tortilla and then placed in the toaster oven to crisp it up a little. It was pretty good.

In case you haven't noticed, I've been on a coffee kick lately. It has been mostly decaf though, which kinda sorta sucks. I've still been using Melatonin off and on for sleep. I had a few FL Oreos with my second cup of the day.

Not only did I have 2 cups of coffee yesterday, I also had 2 quesadillas. My second was for lunch. It was a Tofurky and cheese quesadilla. I layered the Tofurky peppered deli slices with shredded colby and a slice of American cheese, which I'd broken up and distributed evenly over the deli slices. I topped everything with some red & green pepper and onion combined with oil, salt, garlic, & cumin, which I'd micro-waved until tender. Then I place another tortilla on top and toasted it in my toaster oven until it was all hot & melty.

I dipped the quesadilla wedges in some salsa. It wasn't quite as good with the salsa for some reason.

Lucas and I went to the grocery store before dinner to pick up a few things. He and I got us both a Sour Melon Powerade, our favorite flavor. I drank half and saved the rest for today.

I also picked up some Gardein Chipotle Lime Crispy Fingers.
 They look really good, except for the spots where the breading stuck to the pan. They are a little spicy, but not bad. I wasn't particularly crazy about these. The breading was crispy sort of. It had a kind of cornmeal crunch, but it was all crispy. There was more breading than I liked, of course the breading had all the flavor, which was mostly just the spice. I felt the need to eat each bite with the Mahatma yellow rice or the salad. I don't think I'd care to eat the crispy fingers alone. For that reason, I am only giving these 2 stars. The Gardein Chick'n Scallopini is so much better. They are my favorite.

The yellow rice and the salad were delicious. Lucas even ate one of the crispy fingers to try. He said it was better than he'd expected but was still not crazy about them either. He liked the texture. He said it was firmer than the cheap chicken nuggets the grand babies eat. Maybe I will get the plain Gardein Crispy Tenders next or their Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick'n. 

Now, I am going to see if I can do a few of things that delay my blog. Have a great day!!!

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