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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Small Improvements Make A Big Difference

This morning when I got up, I definitely needed coffee. I'd been in bed for 8 hours, but I didn't feel like I'd slept that long. I tend to wake up a lot at night. I had breakfast planned. I was going to have coffee and another cinnamon roll. My plans fail through. I was so disappointed to find that all the cinnamon rolls where gone. I thought about what I could have with my coffee that would be as good. My choices were very limited. I remembered I had on last cinnamon raisin bagel in my freezer, but it wouldn't be quite as good as a cinnamon roll. I went ahead and made my coffee, 2/3 decaf and 1/3 regular coffee. I didn't want to be up all night and I wanted 2 cups.

While my coffee was brewing, I decide to jazz up my bagel a little. I spread it with butter and sprinkled it generously with cinnamon, then I popped it in my toaster oven. As it toasted it was smelling delicious. I could hardly wait. While it was toasting, I mixed up a little confectioners sugar and a few drops of milk for a glaze to drizzle over my bagel.

This bagel was a store bought bagel, not a real bagel from Panera's, etc., but I'm not sure it would have been quite the same. You know store bought bagels are more like bread, less chewy than a real bagel, which worked out pretty good for a fake cinnamon roll. It was so good, I kind of wanted another half, but I didn't really need it so I passed. 

For lunch I had the last of my vegetable soup. I sort of hated that I didn't have more. I could have eaten another bowl for dinner.  

I had the girls for a little while today. Neither of them was interested in my soup. They mostly just munched while they were here, cereal, cheese toast and peanuts. Mary loves her peanuts. 

After they left, I made something to have after dinner. I'd sort of planned to make it last night, but I didn't really get around to it. I just threw something simple together for dinner. I had leftover pinto beans from the ones I'd added to my soup. I toasted a piece of bread and made what I grew up calling a "bean sandwich". I ate a lot of these when I was little and I still have them once in a while. I had a Gardein Chick'n Scallopini patty with my beans on toast. 

I added onion powder and a little butter to my beans. I was out of real onion and when I say butter I mean margarine. I just have a hard time calling it that. I guess I would say, "real butter" if I was using, you know, the other stuff. The scallopini wasn't all that great with just beans, but dessert made up for it.

I made pudding cups for dessert. Not just plain old chocolate pudding cups either. I made Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding Cups. I love tweaking stuff a little and making good things even better.

These were so good, I could have eaten two of them, but I refrained. 

They remind me of a Reese's Peanut Cup. I think the secret is in the graham cracker crumbs on the bottom. I added a little butter and a little salt to the crumbs. Together with the pudding it really reminds me of the candy. A Reese-y cup has the sweet chocolate and slightly salty peanut butter in the middle, which is what makes them so good. I'm also posting the recipe on my recipe page
That's all folks. See ya here tomorrow. Same bat time (well, close to the same time), same bat channel. Have a great night/day!!!

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