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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Struggling With Time Management

I've figured out that I need to schedule more time for my morning routine. I got up this morning with everything I needed to do mapped out in my head, but it took a little longer to get done than I'd allowed for. I was trying to allow for as much sleep as possible. The sleep part went well, but the time allowed for the morning routine was a fail. I wasn't off by too much. A little more prep the night before and it would have been fine, I think.

When I got up, I let the pups out, filled their bowls, got them fresh water and made my breakfast. I had a fruit & yogurt cereal bowl with bran flakes, cheerios, life cereal, vanilla yogurt, gala apple, cinnamon, and warm peanut butter (better for drizzling). 

Breakfast was good. I had to do a bit of multitasking or I would have been quite a bit later. Luckily, I'm pretty good at multitasking. If I were better though, I'd have finished up on time.

I went to Lindsay's today, just a little later than I'd planned. I had a sort of late lunch, finishing off the last of my peppered tofurky with a slice of colby cheese, some iceberg lettuce and light ranch dressng. This is the pre-toasted version. I got my sandwich together then remembered I'd planned to toast the bread. 

After disassembling my sandwich, I toasted my bread and put it back together with a few Doritos on the side. My sandwich was a little dry, but pretty good. 

I had a lovely time with the girls today. They were all pretty good. When Lucas came to pick me up, he brought me a little cup of Fiesta Potatoes from Taco Bell. I tried some of their new Fire Roasted sauce. It was pretty good, loved the sauce. I didn't get a picture of the potatoes. I was glad he brought them. I was starting to get a little hungry. 

When I got home I made a pot of mostly decaf coffee (4 scoops decaf, 2 scoops half caf) I needed a little pick me up to keep me going until bed time. I had a few shortbread cookies with my coffee. Yummy! I've been missing my coffee.

I had 2 cups of coffee, then I heated a bowl of Panera's creamy tomato soup and made a grilled cheese to go with it. I think provolone would have been better than the American cheese I used for my sandwich.

I normally eat a PB&J sandwich with tomato soup, but I don't think it would have worked with this bowl either, but it's great with regular Campbell's tomato soup.
My coffee did the trick and has given me enough energy to get this done. I'm ready to hit the sack now and planning to sleep in tomorrow. I still haven't gotten my routines worked out to include both blogging & sleep. I've been struggling with it for over a year. It doesn't help that my routine changes. I consider myself fairly organized, but not disciplined. It's my biggest downfall. I just keep trying. One day, maybe I will get it right. Wish me luck. Have a great night/day!!!

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