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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mt. Olive Jalapeno Flavored Dill Spears Review

The day started out in a rush. A rush to get breakfast for myself and my puppies, to see they all had fresh water and went out before I left. I also put me some lunch together before leaving.  I made a banana pudding smoothie for breakfast, which might be my last for a little while. It seems my hand blender chopping attachment is broken. I had always been afraid it might since it is made of plastic. I will probably just order a replacement though, since the rest of the blender still works and it did last for quite a while. I think the smoothies may be what done it in though. My next one will be one with a metal attachment, if this on does't last. I would highly recommend a metal one if you are shopping for one. 

I went to Lindsay's again yesterday. I stayed home today to tend to my own house. I hope she is getting along ok today.  I was hoping to have my blogging done last night so that I could work on the house today, but my internet was down last night, %^&*()#@! I'm not sure why.

I had a tofurky sandwich for lunch with colby pepper jack cheese and light ranch dressing. Reese had some Mt. Olive Jalapeno flavored dill spears, which I tried. They were very good and went well with my sandwich. They do have a good jalapeno flavor and are a bit spicy, but not overwhelming. It really depends on what you consider "hot". I may have to get my own jar.  I'm giving them 5 stars, after all, they are Mt. Olive brand, which are my favorite.

Here's a picture of Rachel sleeping on Mom's lap. It did turn out to be a decent (private joke) picture. 

The day was sort of working against me, first, my hand blender broke, then I forgot my camera and purse at Lindsay's and later my internet was down. Oh, yeah and then I'd used my spare camera for snack photo, but have misplaced the cord to upload the photos. Has someone put a curse on my blog? I'm hoping it was a one day deal. The missing snacks were just a handful or bite of this and that. I had a long list of snacks though. First was a few pretzel M&M's, then some raisins & dry roasted peanuts. I also had one double stuffed Oreo. I was really trying to stay awake. 

Luckily while I was gone to the store Reese brought my purse with my camera. Thanks, Reese! I was able to get a shot of my last snack. I had a few saltine crackers with canned salmon and shredded colby cheese melted on top. I had this while we were making dinner.  

We all actually ate the same thing for dinner, which doesn't happen very often, since I am surrounded by meat eaters. We made a big pot of potato soup with onion, cream cheese and chives.

 I think it needed a bit more potato, but it was still very good. I'd also intended to throw a few veggies into my bowl, but by the time the soup was ready, I'd completely forgotten, until I was sitting down to eat. I'd also intended to make cornbread, but didn't realize, I was out of cornmeal. 
I suppose it's better late than never, but hopefully today will be a smoother ride. You would think I would be use to all the bumps and pot holes by now.  Have a great day!!!!

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