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Monday, March 05, 2012

Coffee Maker Mishap

It was definitely Monday. My day started off around 7:30. My alarm went off. I wasn't happy to hear it. I hit the snooze button twice, but I knew I needed to be up a little before the girls arrived so that I could start a pot of coffee and do some last minute baby proofing. 

I barely got my cup of coffee. I prepped the coffee maker  while doing several other things. I put in the coffee, the water and hit the brew button. I went to the living room to check for any baby hazzards, then I heard a strange hissing sound. It was coming from the kitchen. I went to see what it was. It was my coffee maker.....running coffee onto the burner, across the countertop and down behind the cabinet. I had totally forgotten to put the coffee pot on the burner. I grabbed the coffee pot and manage to salvage one large cup of coffee after straining it threw another filter to separate the coffee grounds from the coffee. It was a major mess, but at least I got one cup of coffee. It was mostly decaf anyway, but it was nice have a hot cup with my cinnamon roll.

It was one chaotic morning. Lindsay was running late, which was luck for me or I probably would have never gotten coffee at all. After reheating it twice and finally drinking it luke warm, I had breakfast. The girls at part of a cinnamon roll, but wound up eating cereal and cheese toast. They were being sort of picking about food today, more so than usual. I was happy that Lucas was home today to help out, but I let him sleep in until 10:30. My back and I were both glad when he got up. That's when I actually got to sit down and eat my breakfast.

By lunch time, things had calmed down a little. Mary was happy to sit in the high chair with Lucas beside her fastening the buckle over and over after having Lucas open it again and again. She also dropped clothes pins from her seat into a plastic mayo jar on the floor, but lost interest when she decided it was too easy. Lexi hid Easter eggs, while I made mashed potato soup from leftover mashed potatoes. I added milk, onion powder, salt, pepper, and butter. I had a few saltine crackers on the side. Lexi wasn't interested in soup and Mary fell asleep on Lucas' lap.

After fixing grits for Lexi. We had a few cookies. Lexi had milk with hers I had Lemon Ginseng green tea with mine.

I tweaked the soup again for dinner, adding frozen broccoli florets, pepper, and cream cheese for a broccoli potato soup. I had my piece of leftover broccoli cornbread with my soup. I have really been craving soup a lot lately. I hardly ever eat too much when having soup.

I had a little more TFM Men's Omega3 Energy Mix with the last of my dried blueberries for my evening snack.

I also had a cup of Blackberry Pomegranate Green Tea. Thankfully I survived the day and manage to get a cup of coffee. I am taking full advantage of my peaceful evening my hitting the sack early. Have a great night/day!!!

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