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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Down On The Farm

Yesterday after a quick breakfast of cinnamon roll mini wheats & milk, I headed over to the farm, where my daughter and her family live.

I've been helping her out some since the new baby arrived. I'd also made myself a large cup of half caf to take along, but somehow left behind. I really did need that coffee, after only having gotten about 5 1/2 hours sleep. I just kept moving, which helped for a while. After lunch, it became increasingly more difficult. I had some leftover pasta salad which was quite filling.

Reese also brought me some jalapeno poppers filled with cheddar from Bucko's. They were really good. I haven't had poppers in quite a while. Lexi helped me eat the last of the pasta salad. I was glad because along with the poppers, I was feeling pretty stuffed.

I got a shot of Lexi modeling her super cute new outfit. 

Luckily since I was feeling so sleepy, it wasn't long before I went home. It was too late for a nap so I opted for a smaller cup of half caf along with a slice of birthday cake. I always crave carbs when I'm tired.

I managed to stay awake until after dinner. I had the last of my leftover succotash, a veggie patch cutlet and a small salad.  

The salad was made up of broccoli, cucumber, and green onion, over a bit of romaine bagged salad with some spicy ranch dressing. I thought about adding some shredded cheese to the salad, but decided to skip it.

The cutlet was really good with the tomatoes, butter peas, & corn. I also remembered to freeze the other two cutlets, so that I don't have to eat them everyday. Lucas says they look better than real chicken, ha, ha! They really taste good too.

I decided that since I'd had very little sleep, after dinner I would go to bed and finish doing my post in the morning. The internet helped make the decision, since it was being extremely slow and cutting out occasionally. The coffee sort of interfered with my ability to close my eyes, so I took a Melatonin, started my new book, "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett, and waited on the Melatonin to kick in. Thirty minutes later, I was ready to close my eyes, sleeping straight through until morning. I still wasn't anxious to get up this morning though, but now that I am, I'm feeling pretty well rested. Now I think I'll go and see what I can accomplish. Have a great day!!! 

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