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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Waiting For The Weekend

This did not feel like Friday. I hope tomorrow feels like Saturday. It will be terrible if the whole weekend feels like the rest of the week has, lol. I thought I would sleep in this morning, but I was wide awake (sort of). I wasn't able to go back to sleep anyway. I wasn't feeling peppy enough to make coffee right away. I had half a plain bagel with cream cheese first, then I wasted some time on the internet. I've been printing out coupons.

I finally got up and made coffee, mostly decaf. It was nearly time for lunch.

I'd made enough coffee for 2 big cups, but I just had one, then lunch. I had leftover pinto beans, cornbread, and cooked cabbage in a bowl.

I tried to make it look better than how it would look just thrown in the bowl. I crumbled the cornbread in the middle, topped it with the pinto beans and onion, poured the bean soup over the cornbread, and surrounded it all with the cooked cabbage. I took a few shots, mixed it all up, and ate it. It was good, even better than the first two times I ate it. If I'd had help eating it, I probably would have added a can of tomatoes.

I had my second big cup of coffee after lunch. I used a little peppermint cocoa mix, powdered creamer, and peppermint syrup in this cup. You can't put much cocoa mix in the coffee because it sinks to the bottom for some reason. It's not really a problem in milk.

Lucas made white cheddar mac & cheese for dinner. I had some of it with a MSF riblet and frozen green beans.

I covered the green beans with water seasoned with sea salt, coriander, a little butter, some chopped onion, and microwaved them for about 11 minutes. It was a really good dinner. The barbecue sauce really hit the spot. I felt like having more, but I would have been miserable. I waited a little while and then had a couple of handfuls of raisins.

I haven't been taking pictures of the raisins. You've seen raisins, nothing special. I keep the jar on the end table next to DH's nuts. Sometimes I steal a few of those, but mostly just raisins.

I've added borders to my photos, could ya tell? I hope they look better that way. Have a great night/day and an even weekend!!!

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