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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Celestial Seasonings Wild Berry Zinger Review

I really slept late this morning. I got started reading my book (The Help) last night. It was pretty later before I got to sleep. Breakfast was more like lunch, but I really had my heart set on having one of the apple danishes we'd gotten from Aldis. I made mostly decaf coffee, since it was so late and had half and apple with my danish. I was so full after breakfast. Having 2 large cups of coffee with it helped make it so filling.

Lunch was late because breakfast was late. We considered it and early dinner. We had a cookout with the neighbors. I totally forgot my camera. They cooked steaks, scallops, and fish. We brought Mahi Mahi and Ahi Tuna, which stands up well on the grill.

I made my Garden Pasta Salad with Cream Dill Dressing to take along. I just used cucumber chunks and onion for the vegetables, but that's because, I knew Lucas wouldn't help eat the leftovers with most other veggies, but there wasn't much leftover to worry about. We also had garlic bread. I just took pictures of the leftovers I brought home, since I didn't think about my camera sooner.

The guys left to go to the shooting match after we came home. I stayed home to watch a chick flick. I had a few Benton's Best Key Lime Cookie Straws, which we'd gotten at Aldis, and a cup of tea while I searched Netflix for a instant watch movie.

I bought a Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea variety pack which was caffeine free. I tried the Wild Berry Zinger.

The tea was delicious. I could drink this tea hot or cold. It has a wonderfully tart berry flavor. I added just a spoon full of honey to my cup. This tea flavor gets 5 stars from me. The cookies are sort of like shortbread dusted with a tart powdery sugar. Unfortunately the tartness of the cookies is just on the outside, but I still really liked them. I giving them 4 stars. They also had Lemon Cookie Straws.

Later once I'd decided on a movie. I had a snack pack of the Pop Secret butter popcorn with some added Parmesan cheese and Marjoram.  I also had a few raisins.
The movie I watched was The Rebound with Catherine Zeta-Jones. I really liked this move. It's sort of a romantic comedy. I was afraid I would be disappointed, but happily I wasn't. I was just a little shocked at how open they were with the children about certain things, but it was done in very funny ways. I'm still giving it 4 stars.

Now I've really got to get to bed so that I can get up earlier tomorrow. Have a great night/day!!!

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