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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Smoothie Flop

This mornings breakfast was a flop. I put together what I needed for a Banana Pudding Smoothie and then remembered my blender attachment is broken and we haven't gotten around to getting another one yet. I fished out the ice cubes and mashed everything together as well as I could. Luckily I'd put the oatmeal in the coffee grinder. It was still a flop. I guess I'll be eating my yogurt some other way.
After breakfast I went out and mowed some in the backyard with my reel mower. Since it's a pretty big yard, I decided to mow some and take a break. 

I had 2 pieces of the leftover Alfredo Pesto Spinach pizza. I was thinking about it at breakfast. I guess I should have had it then.

I also had my slice of coconut cream pie.

After my pie, I went out and mowed some more. It looked like it might rain, so I tried to mow as much as I could in case I didn't get another chance today. I came in worked in the house for a bit after mowing. It never did rain. It cleared up and looked pretty nice outside. I decided to go out and mow some more. I got a huge section of the yard mowed. I think I need my blades sharpened, but I'm not sure where to get than done. I'll have to read up on it and see if I can do it myself.

I came in after finishing up outside, let the dogs out and heat my dinner. I had a leftover stuffed mushroom, potato casserole, green beans and corn.

I added a little soy sauce to my beans. It was nice to just heat dinner and sit down.

I also had a few hand fulls of Omega3 Men's Energy Mix.

I finished this one up early, way early. Go me!!! Now I'm off to get ready for bed. Have a great night/day!!!!

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