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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Celestial Seasonings Black Cherry Berry Review

Well I've gotten an earlier start on this post, let's see if I can finish earlier too. 

I slept in later than usual today. I still decided to start the day off with cereal even though it was closer to lunch.

I also decided to skip coffee and go with tea, lemon ginseng green tea with sourwood honey, my strategy for getting to bed earlier tonight.

I had the last of my leftover green beans with brown rice for (late) lunch.

I also finished off the last of my peach slice with a few vanilla wafers.

I made another cup of tea this afternoon. I went with decaf this time. I tried Celestial Seasonings Black Cherry Berry flavor. I can definitely say that it was worth getting the variety pack. I probably wouldn't have tried all these flavors otherwise.

I have enjoyed every flavor I've tried. This was also a 5 star flavor. I've really been using up the honey, at just a spoonful per cup, you can tell I've made quite a few cups. I love the full flavor of all the Celestial Seasoning teas. I've tried some other brands of fruit flavored teas. They were more about the tea flavor than the fruit. These are definitely about the fruit.

Dinner was also a repeat performance. I used the barbecue flavored potato chips again for nachos. I love that they soften up a little under the topping, but are still crunchy in spots. I'm sort of interested in trying similar combos with other flavors of potato chips. Any suggestions? Have you tried potato chips like this before?

This evening, I watched "The Blind Side" on television, while the guys were off at the shooting match. I love this movie and I love the way Sandra Bullock plays her part in it. This is the second time I've saw this movie and I didn't mind watching it again. It's definitely a 5 star movie. If you haven't seen it before, you should and if you have, you should see it again. 

Ta da I'm done......early. Now I'm off to bed, hopefully to sleep. Have a great night/day!!!

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