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Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Feast

This morning I got up early so that I could head over to Dunkin Donuts to pick up a half a dozen of their bagels. I made a big cup of mostly decaf coffee to drink on the way.

I got 1 everything, 1 poppy seed, 1 sun dried tomato, 1 plain, and 2 pumpernickel. They also had sesame, but I passed for an extra pumpernickel. I would have gotten an extra everything, but they only had one left. Ya gotta get there really early. I was disappointed that they didn't have any of the sweet variety that they show on their website. I also didn't see any of the bagel twists, but didn't really ask about them.

We headed on over to Mom's since DD is not far from her house. Once we got there I had half a sun dried tomato bagel toasted with plain cream cheese. Dunkin's bagels are very soft and chewy, softer than Panera's, but still like a bagel should be, unlike store bought bagels. I was so looking forward to these. I'm giving the sun dried bagel 4 stars. It would have been even better with some sun dried tomatoes to top the cream cheese with. Yum!!

After having my bagel, we got started fixing dinner. There was lots of food and I have lots of pictures, even though, I forgot shots of several things. Here's what I missed.....the potato salad, the deviled eggs, pickled eggs, macaroni salad and my cheese & crab stuffed mushrooms or at least that's all I remember missing. 

We also had a big spiral ham.

A turkey breast or maybe roast??? It was turkey though, I asked.

There was also fried chicken breasts.

We had a great big pot of green beans with onion. I wasn't sure we would at first, since I had major problems operating the can openers available, but Mom came to the rescue and here they are.

There was frozen corn, so much better than the canned stuff, right?

A garden salad from a new recipe Mom was trying. It has spring mix, crisp tender cooked asparagus, carrots, & snow peas, and some feta cheese with a buttermilk dressing.

There was also Angel biscuits which Lynda made.

If you look closely you will see one of the stuffed mushrooms and a little of the potato salad on my plate. I also had corn, salad, green beans, and an angel biscuit. What a feast. I had to do some serious digesting so that I could have dessert later. Water always helps me with that.

We had 2 Marie Calendar pies for dessert. A lovely chocolate cream pie....

...and a delicious coconut cream pie.

I, of course, chose the coconut cream, but the chocolate looked so good I also took a piece of it home + another piece of the coconut. I'm giving the coconut 5 stars, of course I've never had a coconut pie, I didn't like.

It was a lovely day for our Easter Feast, unfortunately we had to leave before the babies arrived. We had to go home and work in the yard some. I'd been trying all week to get a few things done in the yard. We were able to get all the tree limbs picked up and the front yard mowed. I also repotted my rosemary bush and harvested quite a bit of it to dry. It had really grown having had such warm winter. My house now smells like rosemary. I've never thought of using it as an air freshener, but if you like the smell of it, it totally works.

I had the macaroni salad that I brought home after we came in. I also had a little Omega3 Men's Energy mix from The Fresh Market.

I've got another early day tomorrow, so I'm off to bed. I hope your weekend was a enjoyable as ours. Have a great night/day!!!

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