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Monday, April 23, 2012

Pancake Breakfast

It's been a pretty quiet Sunday. I woke up to the sound of rain and Dolly squealing (it's her way of letting me know she needs to go out). She use to bark, now she just squeals. I like barking better. I needed coffee this morning, but still made mostly decaf. I also made pancakes. It's not often I get up in the mood to cook, especially when I haven't had a lot of sleep. Coffee & pancakes, it was a miracle.

I had peanut butter and lite syrup on my pancakes, great with coffee.

Just a little peanut butter and not much syrup, but I did have another small pancake after these two, then I regretted it soon after eating it. I also had another cup of coffee. DH & Lucas helped eat some of the pancakes. I made quite a few.

I had leftover mac & cheese with tomatoes for lunch. I added extra cheese plus a little milk to the macaroni to kick it up a little. It was a good lunch, but I should have drained the tomatoes some.

I found a way of eating the Philadelphia Dark Chocolate Indulgence that was really good. I had it with the strawberries from the garden on vanilla wafers. I also had a couple more wafers with just the chocolate. It's better with strawberries. 

I had a delicious mess for dinner, a nacho grande salad of shredded iceberg, chopped green pepper & onion, rice seasoned with cumin, chili powder, & paprika, spicy Doritos, vegetarian refried beans, cheese sauce, sour cream and salsa. I used Doritos because when Lucas & Dale went out for the stuff to make nachos, they forgot to get tortilla chips. Luckily we had a few chips left, plus some flour tortillas, and a small bag of Doritos. I chose the Doritos. I also need to mix up some more taco seasoning.

The boys picked up more raisins for me. I didn't realize until I got this big container that raisins are suppose to be kept in the fridge. 25 years, I've kept them in a jar or container in the cabinet. Mine don't last long enough to spoil, I guess, but I'll keep them in the fridge from now on. Who knew?

I've stayed up long enough, even if I did have a nap this evening before dinner. I'm thinking I have an early day tomorrow. Have a great night/day!!!

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