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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Savoritz Roasted Vegetable Crackers Review

This morning I really wanted pancakes or rather, that's what I'd planned to have, but by the time I went though my morning routine, I was totally out of the mood, so I just had half an apple and a few Quaker Oat Squares with my half caf coffee; 2 cups actually. I also spread a little peanut butter on my apple for protein.

I had a quick bowl of leftover baked ravioli for lunch, before going to the grocery store.

It was a long trip, because we were going to Aldi first, then to the bread store and Walmart. I picked up a box of Savoritz Roasted Vegetable crackers at Aldi.

Their sort of a knock off of Ritz crackers. I had a few with cream cheese before dinner. They have a mild vegetable taste, but I wasn't all that impressed. I've had better vegetable cracker and I'm not sure they're exactly like Ritz either. There is a difference, but I'm not sure what it is. I will say that they weren't a oily as some Ritz type crackers I've eaten. While there was nothing spectacular about these crackers, they aren't bad, but I do prefer the larger vegetable crackers we've gotten at Walmart. I'm just giving these 3 stars.

I also bought some fresh spinach today. Everything else I had for dinner, I already had. I had a Veggie Patch Chick'n Cutlet from the freezer, sweet potato fries and a simple salad of spinach and onion with a dressing made from light mayo and barbecue sauce. I'd bought pizza dough from Walmart, which Lucas had told me about, to make pizza, but didn't realize it came frozen. I got it anyway, but will have to wait another day or so to make it.

It was a pretty good dinner, even though I sort of got more BBQ sauce in the dressing than I'd intended. It made a great dressing and since I'd made more than I'd meant to, I used some on the cutlet as well.

I had a cup of Ghirardelli Peppermint Cocoa after dinner. I always make mine with more milk/less cocoa than the directions call for. It is still plenty sweet and very good.

I also had some raisins and a few BBQ chips while I was working on this post. Now that I've got everything covered, I'm going to get ready for bed and maybe do a little reading. I'd decided to go ahead and finish this post tonight, so that I could sleep in tomorrow, besides if I didn't, I might forget to finish it, lol. Have a great night/day!!! 

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