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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pizza Buddy Pizza Dough Review

Yesterday for breakfast I made a quick to-go cup of half caf coffee and I had one of Lynda's cinnamon rolls. I ate the cinnamon roll before leaving to go to Lindsay's. I topped off my big mug and was out the door.

I took the last of my Garden Pasta Salad with Cream Dill Dressing for lunch. Lexi helped me eat it, but she picked out the cucumber and onion. She was hoping it had chunks of cheese in it.

Lindsay got me a mini moon pie from the vending machine at the barn. It may be mini, but it still has 110 calories. I suppose that's still better than most of my snacks. I also had a snack bag of microwave popcorn.

I ate my leftover salad when I got home.......

....and my piece of Marie Calendar's Chocolate Cream Pie. It barely survived the trip home. It doesn't look great, but it tasted really good and I'm sure it still had way more than 110 calories. I loved the chocolate cookie crust.

I didn't feel like I'd eaten that much all day, but looking back at all I'd eaten, it certainly seems like a lot. I finally got around to making the pizza I'd planned to make Saturday. We'd gotten Pizza Buddy Pizza Dough from Walmart near the deli where they have their pizzas.

We made an Alfredo Pesto Half Spinach Pizza. The dough came out of the bag easily. I punched it down to remove most of the air bubbles. I pressed it out to fit my large pizza pan perfectly, then pricked it all over with a fork to make sure there where no large bubbles. I spread Pesto sauce (also from Walmart deli) over the crust. A little goes a long way. Then we topped the Pesto with Alfredo sauce. I just dolloped it out in spoon fulls over the Pesto and gave the pan a little jiggle to spread it out evenly so not to disturb the Pesto. I sprinkled an Italian blend of shredded cheese over the sauce, totally forgetting about my spinach until the last minute. I put a little on top anyway. I probably would have added more otherwise. I only added spinach to one side so that Lucas could have a piece.

The pizza turned out very good. I ate 2 pieces and was very full, but it was so good I still wanted more. I will be making this again soon. Lucas also used another bag of dough for a Bacon Cheeseburger Roll-Up. I could see a vegetarian version of this using crumbles. I was very impressed with the dough. I loved that it cost less than a dollar a bag and that it wasn't any trouble to work with. I'm giving it 5 stars, but I do wish they would have had the whole wheat version available.

I tried to stay up and do this post last night, but I was way too tired. I just can't get started on it as early as I need to. My schedule is so off  lately. Guess I better get started with my day before it's over. Have a good one!!!

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