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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

MorningStar Farms Reuben

I felt a little more rested this morning when I got up, but I still think I need to get to bed earlier. I had mostly decaf coffee with the last pancake. I had peanut butter and lite syrup on top. I didn't have anything else with it. I drank 2 cups of coffee and figured I'd just eat lunch earlier.

Trying to find someway of using my leftover kraut since I ate the last 2 veggie dogs yesterday, I decided on a sort of vegetarian Reuben. It wouldn't have really been a Reuben, even if I'd used meat. I had to use what I had and the only thing I had that comes on a Reuben was the sauerkraut. I had to use white bread instead of rye, Mexican blend cheese instead of Swiss (I don't like Swiss anyway), and mayo/ketchup blend instead of Thousand Island dressing.

It wasn't bad. The worst part was the white bread. Thin little slices which could hardly be toasted without turning into crackers. I think it might even be good with pumpernickel.

I spent the rest of the day trying to stay awake. I had a cup of lemon ginseng green tea, moving around doing everything I could to keep from taking a nap. I had hoped to get to bed early, but at usual, here I am and it's late.

I also had a pack of Austin Pepper Jack crackers.

I made a big salad for dinner. I used butter lettuce, spinach, broccoli, green pepper, onion, carrot, and a shredded boiled egg with some things I threw together for a make shift French dressing.

I used the same ingredients that my French dressing recipe uses. It was similar, but not quite as sweet. I really couldn't tell until I ate the salad, but it was still pretty good, just different.

I had about a half a can of sliced pears for dessert. I haven't had any pears in a while. I like canned pears better than fresh for some reason. I like them better when they are in their own juice and not in syrup. These were in syrup, but it was what they had at Aldi's, of course it's hard to find them in their own juice around here.

I already ready for bed, so I'm posting this and shutting it down for the night. I have an early day tomorrow. Have a great night/day!!!

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