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Friday, April 27, 2012

Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry Review

Today was tea day. I decided to skip the coffee. I haven't had a chance to take a caffeine break in a while. I like to do that occasionally. Lately I just haven't been getting enough sleep. My biggest problem is getting such a late start on the blog. Unfortunately, I'm not disciplined enough to solve this.

I had Lemon Ginseng green tea for breakfast along with half a poppy seed bagel with light cream cheese. I was really looking forward to a cup of tea this morning and the bagel was yummy. I love the taste of poppy seeds. I wish they weren't so tiny, but I would like to try them in some recipes regardless.

I had a spinach omelet for lunch, one egg, the last of the spinach, a little milk and a little salt & pepper on a slice of pumpernickel that I snatched from the freezer. There's also some shredded Italian blend cheese between the omelet and the bread. Not a bad lunch.

One of my snacks for the day was this bowl of peanut butter multi-grain cheerios. I think I should have skipped the milk & cheese. I felt sort of icky after eating them.

This evening I decided to have green pepper & onion with mushrooms. I was undecided as to what I should have with the pepper, onion, & mushroom. I finally decided on green beans. I cooked the onion & pepper in a little oil, with some salt. After letting them cook a bit, I added the frozen green beans, a can of mushrooms,drained, some soy sauce and some garlic. I wanted my green beans slightly less cooked than the other veggies. It turned out exactly the way I'd hoped. The mushrooms absorbed most of the soy sauce, so low sodium would probably have been better, but I just didn't use as much. It came out great. I had the last piece of pumpernickel toasted on the side.

I had a little Men's Omega3 Energy mix which I sort of munched on throughout the day. I finished it off after dinner.

I also had another cup of tea, Celestial Seasonings' True Blueberry caffeine free herbel tea. I'd gotten their variety pack. So far I've loved every flavor I've tried, the True Blueberry was no exception.

I added a spoonful of honey to the cup which I'd used 2 tea bags in. I believe you could get by using just one tea bag. After steeping for a few moments, it turns a lovely dark purple color. It smells good too. I'm thinking this may be the best flavor I've tried so far. You should know this one is getting 5 stars.

Enjoyed my tea and finished this post. Now I'm off to bed. Not an early day tomorrow, but it's late and I can't sleep all day. Have a great night/day!!!

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