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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cooking Country Style

After a decent night's sleep, I got up to gloom. It was rainy and so dark out I had to turn on the lights. It doesn't help that the house is surrounded by trees. It's hard for me to get started when it looks like the day is ending. I had a lazy breakfast, a bowl of strawberry dump cake. I hadn't planned to eat anymore of it. I assumed the guy would have eaten it all sooner. Lucas ate the last of it this evening though, so none will be going to waste.

Still having trouble getting starting, I made a pot of coffee, mostly decaf, but enough caffeine for a slight boost. This was actually my second cup. I needed the bit of caffeine to get my brain going apparently. After my coffee kicked in, I worked on my kitchen most of the day, trying to get ahead and clear some clutter.

I had a late lunch, so I just had the last slice of leftover pizza, the Pacific Veggie. I sprinkled it with a little Parmesan and some red pepper flakes.

I also had a cup of whipped strawberry yogurt and a couple of handfuls of raisins.

After cleaning up my kitchen I decided to make a big mess in it for dinner, lol. Yes, I cooked. I was in the mood for my version of country cooking. First off, I made a big pan of cornbread. It was an off day for cornbread apparently. I was very surprise when my cornbread didn't rise as much as normal and even more surprised when it stuck to the pan. My cornbread never sticks. I don't think I've had cornbread stick in years. It was not bad, but I will be re-seasoning my cornbread pan. I can't be having sticky cornbread.

To go with my cornbread, I made cooked cabbage with butter sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. I also fried some red skinned potatoes, skin on of course, with the salt and pepper seasoning. The pinto beans were from a can. I did add a little butter and some chopped onion. No other seasoning was needed. 

It was a very filling meal, but it was good and not one thing was fixed in the microwave. Go me!!!. 

A little later, I had a cup of peppermint cocoa with a few peppermint mini marshmallows on top. I thought I'd try and drink some, since it's sort of chilly with the rainy weather we're having. 

I've stayed up late again. Even though I'd had plans to finish up early. My computer has been working against me for the past few days. I'm not sure if the internet is that slow or if it's the computer itself. I've scanned and done everything I know to do to speed it up, but it's just not working. I'm a multi-tasker and my computer is not. Now for some Zzz's. Have a great night/day!!!

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