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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Philadelphia Indulgence Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese Spread Review

Whewww!!! What a mouth full, literally. This stuff is really good. It's smooth and creamy dark chocolate silk. I could eat it by the spoonful. For those who don't particularly care for cream cheese, there isn't a hint that it's in there, just yummy dark chocolate. It definitely gets 5 stars.

I had it on a whole grain bagel.

I wasn't so impressed with the two together, but it wasn't bad. Maybe on a different bagel, maybe on a biscuit. I'm not sure how it would be best, but on a spoon by itself is pretty yummy. I'll take suggestions. I still have nearly a whole container. Right now I'm thinking strawberries stuffed with it.

I had leftover chilly bean with cheese and rice for lunch. The soup from the chilly beans soaked into the rice. It was better than any frozen dinner and just as simple. Anytime we make rice, we make a little extra for deliberate leftovers. I like the cook once, eat twice rule.

I stayed with Mary & Rachel while Lexi went to register for school. She is very excited. They were all very good today. It's nice when things go smoothly. I came home and treated myself to the piece of chocolate peanut butter cake I had left from Sunday. I was pretty good, but had quite a bit of icing.

I didn't sleep very well last night. I just couldn't turn off my brain. I kept going over and working out things in my mind. I just couldn't shut it off. I tried to squeeze in a nap before dinner, but that didn't work out very well either. I managed a short nap, about 30 minutes and then like a light switch was flipped, my mind went on and began it's problem solving. I'm hoping tonight is more restful. 

I tried to lighten up my dinner with a salad and no bread. I had a MSF riblet with jalapeno pickle, onion, and a slice of cheese. I had shredded iceberg, cucumber, carrot, green pepper, onion, and a mixture of BBQ sauce and mayo for dressing, along with a few potato tots sprinkled with seasoned salt. It was a bit messy to eat, but very good.

Now I'm going to fall in the bed. I'm taking a Melatonin tonight. I try not to take them too often. Taking them 2 nights in a row, gives me a need to stretch feeling, that actually interferes with sleep, but one every once in a while makes for a very good night's sleep. The sound of the rain we're getting will also be nice for sleeping. Have a great night/day!!!


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