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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Birthday Dinner, Cake, & Creme Horns

Update: I had posted the wrong link for the baked oatmeal and have now corrected it. Sorry.

Today started out behind. I did get my baked oatmeal put together last night, but I didn't get yesterday's post on until this morning. My power went off just as I was about to post everything last night. We had gotten a letter about the power company doing upgrades, saying that it would be off for a couple of hours, but I had forgotten.

Today's baked oatmeal version is sweet potato. My DD, Lindsay had the idea. She baked it first and said it was great, so I decide to try it out myself. 

Sweet Potato Bake Oatmeal Version
1/2 cup cooked sweet potato, mashed
1/3 cup chopped pecans
I still included the flax, vanilla and cinnamon
I prefer the cranberry apple version, but this was good.

I had my oatmeal with vanilla Greek yogurt; my first time trying, and a fourth of a fuji apple sprinkled with a little cinnamon. The Greek yogurt is really thick, which I like and it's also not as sweet as regular yogurt, which I had read about it and was my reason for trying it. I will be getting more. I will have to try some other flavors also.

See that spoon standing, that's thick.

I was running around this morning trying to get everything I need to do done before going to Mom's. I was running behind and running out of time. I didn't get everything I had planned to do done, but I got the most important stuff done and then we were out of here.

This Sunday was not just a Sunday dinner, but a birthday dinner for my sister, Cathy. We had a great time and great food. I'm getting the meat pics out of the way first and save the good stuff for last, lol. 

Hamburgers for the carnivores.

And also Chicken beside the potato wedges.

Potato Salad

Vegetarian Baked Beans

Pasta Salad

Slaw & Burger Fixin's

Porkified Baked Beans

This is my plate.

I had a Boca burger, no bun.

Now for dessert....first up is Chocolate Pound Cake

Next we had Creme Horns from La Patisserie 1/2 w/ whipped cream & 1/2 w/ custard

I like the ones with whipped cream better, less sweet.


Finally the Present

The Birthday Girl!

Modeling her present....a coat

Coat #2

Ok, that's it. I had a lovely day!
@Cathy Hope you enjoyed your day too! Happy Birthday!

Here's your question.
Thanksgiving is very close. What are you having for TG dinner?

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