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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Talk Food To Me

I did not sleep well last night. I kept hearing our dogs bark, our neighbors dogs bark and my feet were cold.  I kept looking out the window to see what they were barking at. Finally I saw what it was. There were 2 coyotes in my neighbors driveway. I found out later that they broke his gate trying to get in to his dogs. They are becoming a problem around here. It's not safe for our pets anymore.

I still woke up about the same time. I had to eat, get a shower and get ready to go to Mom's. I got the last piece of the baked oatmeal and a spotted banana that needed to be eaten. I warmed a little peanut butter and  ground flax and spread it on my oatmeal. Still yummy. I will be making more oatmeal before long.

 As usual, no lunch. I snacked on raw veggies and roasted red pepper hummus at Mom's. It was so good. It was pizza and donuts this week. I didn't get a shot of the pizzas. There was pepperoni, supreme and veggie. I did get a picture of my plate and I haven't learned to say no to the sweets yet. I had a Krispy Kreme cream filled donut and a large decaf. I also had a headache and have felt icky since. I assume from food overload and the fact that I forgot my allergy pill today.

These are really good frozen...

Sorry this is such a short post, but I am hoping to get to bed early, so that I can get some sleep and possibly feel better tomorrow. Goodnight all. I be back tomorrow. I'd love some recipe suggestions or just tell me what you'll be fixing this week. Talk food to me!

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