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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hummus & Cranberries Seems To Be The Theme

Well, if you read yesterday's post, you probably know what I had for breakfast, but in case you didn't and even if you did, I will tell you. I had the baked oatmeal or should I say baked cranapple oatmeal; luckily there was enough for today. I warmed a little peanut butter, added some ground flax, spread it on top of the oatmeal and sprinkled it with more dried cranberries. It was excellent.

I will have to experiment with some other breakfast foods. I have never been much of a breakfast person. It's mostly the whole bacon & eggs or sausage & eggs thing that turns me off and biscuits, biscuits, biscuits, not mention grits, which is another thing, I don't do. You can't be from the south and not eat grits or biscuits and even though I'm not originally from here, I've been here long enough that I'm not excused. It's a big thing around here and I may be condemned for voicing my opinion, but I can't help it. It's just the way I am.

Lunch was late again today. I guess the oatmeal stays with me longer. I also get distracted easily, so I go to start lunch and see something else I need to do first. You know, "but then syndrome". I have a terminal case of it. I finally got around to fixing lunch. Since it was late, I decide just to have the rest of the Southwestern vegetable soup from yesterday. Today I rinsed the black beans before adding them to the soup. I used a little enchilada sauce to make the broth richer. It seemed almost watered down before. I also added a pinch or two of taco seasoning. The soup had a much better flavor today and it looked better too. If I'd had more people to share it with, I would have added some corn, tomatoes and maybe a little rice. I also had a little hummus with a few crackers.

Dinner was looking like another snacky sort of meal. I wasn't really hungry enough for a big meal and I hated to wait to eat any later. I decided on something less like a snack, but more like a lunch, lol. I had a wrap; a tortilla spread with hummus, chopped onions and dried cranberries, topped with spring mix lettuce and sprinkled with Italian dressing and black pepper. It sounds strange but was actually pretty good. For some reason, it reminded me of the turkey subs from the Sterling drive-in in WV that we used to get. They had cranberry sauce on them, but that's the only similarity, I guess. It was sort of a peppery turkey spread that they use on the subs, anyway it was good.

Well, I guess hummus and cranberries were today's food theme. Do you have any favorite weird food combinations that you love? I'd love to hear 'em. Have a good one!

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