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Monday, November 08, 2010

Cool Start

This day started off cool. I was cold when I woke up. I wasn't in any hurry to crawl out from under my blankets. Had I been able to, I probably would have gone right back to sleep. I do sleep better when I am warm and it is cool out from under the covers. There weren't any signs of coyotes last night, but it did take me a while to go to sleep. I kept expecting to hear the dogs bark.

When I finally managed to get up this morning, it wasn't quite as cool as I had first thought. I just needed to get my blood moving. I made a quick breakfast, a donut and a badly bruised apple, half healthy anyway. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

It warmed up outside today to around 72 degrees. I was quite surprised since it was around freezing last night and was so cool during the day the last couple of days. The A/C even kicked on today, but I cut it off. We went out to get some more parts for another cooker DH is working on. It was very nice. When we got back I fixed lunch. I had a slice of the leftover pizza and some fresh carrots and broccoli with a little ranch dip. I also had a slice of sweet potato pie.

For dinner I had a salmon pattie, 4 cheese ravioli with tomato sauce and a little spring mix lettuce with garlic caesar dressing. I decided to freeze the last two salmon patties. Lucas has request another batch of the  baked oatmeal, but I will probably wait until tomorrow evening to fix it.

Since dinner I have been so sleepy. Guess I'll finish watching Hawaii 5-0 and then off to bed. Send me some excitement.

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