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Thursday, November 18, 2010

How Long Do You Keep Leftovers

Breakfast this morning was a French toast bagel from Panera Bread. I had one frozen while I was enjoying all the baked oatmeal. I had the bagel with some melted PB mixed with ground flax and dried cranberries. It was Peter Pan PB instead of our usual Jif or Aldi's PB. The Peter Pan was runnier than the others when heated. DH picked the peanut butter. I was not impressed. I'd really love to get some almond butter; cashew butter is good also. I heard several people talk about sunflower seed butter, but I've never tried it, also flavored nut butters. I haven't tried those either.

The bagel with PB and cranberries was not nearly as filling as the oatmeal and a couple of hours later, I was starving. I am thinking I may do some more oatmeal. I am liking the staying power it has and I didn't crave sweets all day like I have on days when I had something else for breakfast.

For lunch I had half a small frozen pizza with a salad of baby romaine, cucumber, onion and carrot with some more of the randomly thrown together vinaigrette, although todays version was slightly off and not quite as good. I was running low on the red wine vinegar and had to sub some rice vinegar for part of it and also had to use half vegetable / half olive oil. I will keep experimenting with the dressing until I come up with a winner.

I was late with dinner. I put off doing things today and so everything kind of piled up into the evening and now I am paying for it; lots of things wound up being needed done all at once and all the things I normally do, were delayed, because of it, including my post for today. Procrastination will be the death of me.

For dinner this evening, I had decided on one thing and wound up having something totally different. I had planned and even started on dinner and then realized I had leftover lasagna that needed to be eaten. I have a fairly strict 3 day rule about leftovers; all leftovers need to be eaten or frozen before 3 days pass. Occasionally I have gone up to 4, depending on the food and how desperate I was to keep it from going to waste, but never past 4. I try to label my leftovers with a date, because I have a terrible habit of forgetting exactly when something was fixed. Luckily the blog now helps with this problem, since every meal is now recorded, but otherwise when in doubt, throw it out.

I also had a little bit of leftover petite diced tomatoes, so I topped the lasagna with the tomatoes and added a sprinkle of romano cheese. This was very good and I was not nearly as disappointed in having a change of plans as I thought I would be. It was a fairly large piece of lasagna and with the tomatoes it was a meal, all on it's own.

Craving sweets today I snacked on a bit of the Pomecranate snack mix and this eveninng I had a fourth of a Krispy Kreme, cream filled donut from the freezer.

This little wedge of donut was so sweet, I really didn't need more.

Did you have leftovers today? How long do you keep leftovers?  If you'd like to keep track of how Rabbit's Garden is coming along, be sure and subscribe or bookmark my site and pop back in once in a while.

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