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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

No Cheese Please

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 Up and out of bed today with some hesitation. It was a very chilly morning, but I was anticipating breakfast. I was ready for my everything bagel with cream cheese, which I had been craving for several days. It was just what I have been wanting. Something salty, not something sweet, but I believe I am going to have to stay away from the cheese. Lately cheese just hasn't been agreeing with me. I enjoyed the bagel, but I was miserable afterwards. I felt so full after just eating the half bagel, but I wasn't sure if that was the problem or not. 

 Most of the day was just the average day for me. Lucas got home from his classes around 1pm and I was thinking about lunch. I thought about having the leftover pasta salad. I wasn't sure what I wanted to go with it, since there was only a little. I decided to cut up some veggies to add to it, since it was mostly pasta. I added some radishes, cucumber, onion, bell pepper and more carrot. I also added a little more mayo and vinegar. I had it on a bed of spinach. It was verg good, but not long after eating it, I was miserable again. The pasta salad also had cheese in it. I just know it must be the cheese. 

I had discussed with Lucas, starting our walking again and he was all for it. We will just have to take it day by day to see what time of the day we will be going, but since he didn't have class this evening we decided we would go ahead and walk today. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go at first since I was not feeling very well after eating, but I went ahead and got ready and shortly afterwards I was feeling better again, so off we went.
Down the road we go

It was a little chilly when we first started. I had 2 thin jackets on and I was worried I would get cold before I got back, but after a few minutes of walking, I was very toasty and wondering if I should have left one of the jackets at home. It was very nice, but started cooling down on the way back. I was also worried I wouldn't be up for the usual 5 miles we had been doing at the beginning of summer, but we did our 5 without a hitch. I may take some gloves next time. My hands were very cold by the time we got back. Everything else was good. I am hoping it will help me sleep better tonight. I felt so good when I got home I rewarded myself with the other half of my cupcake. I know....that's terrible, but I can't just throw them out and again, it was only half.

I took a close up to make it look bigger, so I didn't feel so deprived, lol.

I had forgotten a few things at the store yesterday, so Lucas and I ran out to pick them up before dinner. When we got back, we had planned to have a quick meal, since Lucas had homework and needed to get a shower and get to bed early for classes tomorrow. We decide to just have soup. I had Pacific Natural Foods Chipotle Sweet Potato soup and half of a multi grain sub roll brushed with EVOO and garlic, then toasted. The soup was rather spicy, but still very good. The sub roll went very well with it. After the soup and bread, I had an apple with warm PB and flax. No cheese and no tummy ache. 

I am very interested in coconut butter or oil. Have you ever used it and if so, did you like it and how did/do you use it? Thanks.

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