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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rollin' Rollin' Rolls

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I was up a little early this morning. I had a lot planned for today. I wanted to start getting my living room rearranged, to make room for my Christmas tree, I needed to clean out my fridge to make room for a turkey and leftover food, I needed to put together a green bean casserole and make rolls. I also needed to get me some breakfast and get started. I'm going to try and make today's post short and sweet, so that I can try to get to bed early. Here goes:

For breakfast I fixed another gingerbread bagel with almond butter, but I put dried cranberries on this one, since I didn't have raisins and I had the other half of yesterday's apple.

For lunch I had a veggie burger, butter lettuce, american cheese, chopped onion, dill pickle, and BBQ sauce on an onion roll with baby carrots and chex mix. 

I did work on my living room some, I got my fridge cleaned, a turkey in the fridge (just to be clear, I won't be eating turkey), my casserole together, and 24 lovely rolls made. I make my rolls almost the same way I make my bread, but for the rolls I put 4 Tbsp. sugar.

From this....

To this....
I don't think these will be low fat... 
then this....

and  Ta Da! You get this.....

For dinner I planned to have something quick since I'd been so busy today. I decided to have the other Morning Star Farms frozen dinner. It was a Chik'n Enchilada with brown rice and veggies. It was only 280 calories, so I fixed a little frozen broccoli to go with it. I was not impressed with this dinner either, but it was better than the Sesame Chik'n dinner; a lot better.

BTW I got some free stuff today.

12 fluorescent, huh?

Well, I tried to get to bed early. It's not happening. No rest for the wicked. I hope you are well rested and have a very happy holiday. Have you gotten any free samples lately? Feel free to post any freebies you come across. Thanks.

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