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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A Snack Here, A Nibble There

Another warm day on the way, I got out of bed this morning, already knowing what was for breakfast. I'd gotten another can of biscuits to go with my MSF veggie sausage. I had two sausage biscuits  topped with apple butter. One of these days I will make some cheddar biscuits just to show you, I can make biscuits, but I like the canned biscuits too or I would have bought the frozen ones, lol. Canned biscuits are also just the right size for my veggie sausage. 

I've been a moppin', cleanin', washin' mad woman today. I was smokin' hot. I even had to turn the heat off today. I'm hoping I feel that good again tomorrow. Even though I felt pretty good today I just wasn't that hungry the rest of the day. I stayed busy until around 3pm and had a late late lunch. I figured since it was not long until dinner I would just have the last slice of Sunday's pizza with some extra cheese and the last slice of sweet potato pie. 

When it came time for dinner, I wasn't all that hungry yet. I nibbled on a few of the leftover fries that DS and DH had with their dinner. (In case anyone is wondering, they don't usually eat what I eat. They eat meat.) I put together the baked oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow. I had thought about having a bowl of cereal, but I needed the milk for the oatmeal. Note to self - gotta get more milk. While I was mixing up the oatmeal, I had a few dry maple flavored mini wheats. So dinner became a snack here, a nibble there and no real dinner. Sorry, sometimes I do that. 

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