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Monday, November 15, 2010

Celebrating Meatless Monday, Everyday

Today was Meatless Monday, of course for me everyday is meatless, lol. It was also the beginning to several supposedly rainy days. I would really love it if rain only came at night. I get my energy from the sun apparently and when it rains, my batteries get run down quickly. It didn't rain much today, just enough to make for a dreary day, but we are suppose to get more.

I wasn't in the mood for my chocolate chip oatmeal this morning, so I decided to have a Quaker oatmeal to go bar instead; my mistake. Oatmeal to go bars are much too sweet and nothing like my baked oatmeal. I would have rather had the chocolate, luckily the apple made the sweetness more bearable.

Lunch was better, but I didn't have much of an appetite today. I had thought about the lasagna from yesterday and figured I would have some salad with it, but I really wasn't that hungry or I maybe I was just feeling lazy, either way, I just went with the lasagna. I guess the lasagna wasn't enough to hold me until dinner, because I decide to have a donut, also from yesterday, which I didn't get a picture of until today.

This one's plain...they are the best ones..

There was a lot going on yesterday, so I didn't get many pictures of the food. I did get some photos of the grand babies. I really need a better camera or photography lessons, in order to get good shots of them. They both move too quickly for me or my camera. I was very tired yesterday evening and also had company after we got home. My brother in law and his wife came by and so after they left I just posted the pictures I got. Instead of wordless Wednesday, I had Silent Sunday.

Now, if you read Sunday's post, you can find out was that was in the plastic container, lol. I had it for dinner this evening. There were two leftover stuffed portabella mushrooms. They were stuffed with MSF veggie crumbles, cheese and bread crumbs, I think. I had one of them with the last of the black beans and tomatoes, some baby romaine with tomato, cucumber and onion sprinkled with Italian dressing.

Well, here's hoping I find a better way to charge my batteries. How do you keep your batteries charged on rainy days, and also, if you do eat meat, do you celebrate Meatless Monday or go meatless  one or more days each week?

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