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Friday, November 12, 2010

What Do You Put In Your Oatmeal?

Looks like another day came and things haven't changed. I woke up, ready to eat breakfast and watch the day pass with nothing exciting planned. I had the last of the baked oatmeal, but I'll be making more. I did the peanut butter and cranberry thing again. It's really good that way. I just love how it stays with you; no being starved 2 hours later, like with cereal. I still haven't gotten vanilla yogurt, maybe tomorrow.

Lunch was late again. I guess it's the oatmeal. I had the last of my oriental snack mix while I was fixing lunch. I baked a veggie eggroll, an Asian veggie pattie and had a salad (spring mix, broccoli, carrot, & onion with a mixture of sesame oil, rice vinegar, garlic and crushed red pepper for the dressing)to go with them. I also had a little hoisin sauce to dip my eggroll in. It was yummy.

Courtesy of Fresh Market

Dinner was more like a snack. I need to get up earlier, I suppose so that I have more time between meals. I just haven't mastered the whole getting up early thing; probably because I haven't mastered getting to bed early either. I like being up early, but I don't like waking up to do it, lol. I usually don't go into a sound sleep until around 4 or 5 am and then it's still not a dead sleep until after 7am; after that there's a couple hours where I'm not of this world. It's very nice and I find it annoying that I can't sleep past 9 or 10am most of the time.

Well, as I was saying before "but then syndrome" kicked in, dinner was more like a snack. I had French bread with olive oil and garlic toasted and spread with hummus sprinkled with paprika. I also had a couple of slices of a golden delicious apple. I had planned to eat the whole thing, but I was a little too full.


Well, I guess I had better go and get my breakfast put together. It will be baked oatmeal, but it will be different. Can you guess what I will be adding to this batch? What do you put in your oatmeal?

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