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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good For You, Not So Good

My bedside clock has me all messed up. Ever since my power went off the other night, I keep forgetting to reset my clock and I realized it, in the middle of the night, but I just didn't feel like turning on the light, putting on my glasses and resetting the clock and until now I hadn't thought about it anymore and I will probably won't think about it again until some time during the night.

 I actually got up early this morning, but I did't really want to, I just wasn't sure how late it was. Well once I was up, I figured, I may as well stay up. I'd been planning breakfast in my sleep, so I knew what I was having. I had one last cup of the Greek vanilla yogurt and I'd planned to have a piece of the sweet potato oatmeal and some more of the apple from yesterday. I topped the yogurt wth crumbled up oatmeal & chunks of apple, sprinkled with cinnamon, just like yesterday. It was just so good, now I am wishing I had gotten more yogurt. I have plenty of other things for breakfast, but I will be picking up some more of the Greek yogurt before long.

It was a pretty good day today. It started off rather gloomy looking. I was beginning to think it might rain, but it cleared off, the sun came out and it was nice and warm. I put the dogs outside most of the day. I do that during the summer when it's not too hot and I won't be able to much longer. They are climate controlled. They like staying in where the temperature stays about the same. I have to make them go out sometimes. They do better about going out on their own after a few days of spending the day on the porch. Dogs can be so strange sometimes. 

Oops, looks like an attack of "but then" syndrome, anyway, what I had started to say, was I put the dogs out and got quite a bit of cleaning done. It is hard to sweep and vacuum around a pack of dogs. It was one of those productive days that I wish I had more often. After a few hours of cleaning, I had worked up an appetite, so I decided to have some lunch. Lunch was a repeat of Sunday's dinner. I had a little more of the baked beans, potato salad and pasta salad. It was a high carb meal. I did do good about not stuffing myself, but I wished I had eaten some fresh veggies or a salad with it.

I went back to cleaning after lunch. I had such a productive day, I decide to reward myself with a little snack...NOT, I had a weak moment. I kept thinking about the sugary creme horn, that I had lying in the fridge, begging for me to eat it and I gave in. It was so good, I probably could have eaten another one, if I hadn't been feeling so guilty about the first one, lol.

Just look at it....How could I resist....

Dinner was a nightmare, well, maybe not that bad, but it wasn't good. I had a frozen dinner. It was Morning Star Farms Sesame Chik'n dinner and it was not good. I didn't expect it to be wonderful, it was a frozen dinner after all, but it was all but, inedible. I doctored it up with soy sauce and garlic, enough to make it edible. I hate to say it, because I usually like their products, but not this time. I have another of their dinners to try and if it's as bad, I don't think I will waste my money on another one. The best part of the meal was that there wasn't much of it, lol. 

A little while after I ate dinner, I decided to have a snack, so I fixed some popcorn in the microwave. The popcorn must have been old or something (I just bought it a couple of weeks ago), because it would hardly pop. It took forever and half the kernels didn't pop. I also tried some of the PB2 peanut powder with the rest of my apple from yesterday. No luck there either. I don't know if it all tastes that way, but the plain PB2 was not good. It tasted sort of bitter, not at all like a peanut. I also have the FitNutz brand that I haven't tried yet and I have the Chocolate PB2 sample. I am hoping since there is more of the FitNuts than the PB2, that it will be good. I hate to waste food. I also hope the chocolate PB2 will be better than the plain.

I guess that just because something is good for you, doesn't make it Good, but I would still like to believe and it can be. I'm on a mission. I want good food that's good for you. What is your favorite, good for you (healthy) food? and maybe something good for you, that was just plain awful.

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