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Friday, November 19, 2010

Fresh Market Food Adventure

Today I had plans to go with my DA, Lynda. We were going out for lunch and several other places. For breakfast, I decided to have the other half of my bagel, since I forgot to make my oatmeal. I got distracted getting ready and kind of burnt my bagel, but it was still edible, just a little charred around the edges. I spread some PB + ground flax + dried cranberries on and it was fine. I got ready to go and before I knew it we were on our way.

Before we went to get lunch we stopped at the Simply Good Natural Foods. We saw lots of things I was interested in, but they were rather expensive, which I sort of expected since it's healthy foods, organic, etc., but some of the stuff you can buy at your average grocery store and I have a hard time making myself pay such prices, especially before I've shopped around; they did have lots of stuff though and we did get a couple of packets of vegan protein powder, one chocolate, one vanilla, to try.

After we left Simply Goods, we went to Krispy Kreme and picked up a dozen donuts, then we were on our way again.

We had lunch at Field of Greens. They have huge salads, soup and wraps. We both got salads which came with a roll. I had a Nicoise salad and Lynda got a build your own. I usually get the Greek, but I thought I would try something different. The Nicoise was good, but the Greek is better. The tuna, egg and pasta, make the Nicoise a little too filling for me. I may try a build your own next time though.

Once we had thoroughly stuffed ourselves we went to the Fresh Market. I love FM; they have so many things that regular grocery stores just don't have. I was full and still wanted it all, lol. We looked at everything and even bought a few things. Here are some pics of the stuff we saw and a few of the things we bought.

Sweet & Salty snack mix....

Sweet & Spicy snack mix....

We had a good time today and I loved getting out and going places, I don't go to very often.....but then.....back to reality, lol....When I got home I wanted to try everything I had gotten. I had already planned what I was having for dinner. I even had it mostly done. I was having a veggie burrito (aka cheesy vegetable enchilada)  and Spanish rice. The Spanish rice I had fixed yesterday before I remembered I had leftover lasagna to eat and the burrito was from a large batch, that I had made and frozen; quick and yummy. I drizzled a little taco sauce on the burrito.  I sampled some of my Fresh Market goodies while I was heating up dinner and after dinner I sampled a sugar donut.

As you can see by the pictures, it really was a food adventure. Now for your ????? Can you tell me the name of the crazy yellow thing in the FM pics? There's a hint in the photo. Also,  can you tell me if it's a vegetable or a fruit?

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