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Monday, November 07, 2011

I Don't Think About Meat

It's looking like it's going to be a lovely day, sunny and warm, nearly reaching a high of 70 degrees. I might even go out in the yard a little if I finish up inside. I'll be working mostly inside today, getting ready for the girls this week. I'm trying to get the house organized a little better and make it more permanently baby proof.

Yesterday I didn't do much of anything around the house. I woke up, let the dogs out, got them some breakfast and some for myself, and went to work on yesterday's post. I had another fruit & yogurt cereal bowl for breakfast.

The bowl included vanilla yogurt, ground flax, cornflakes, Fiber Plus Berry Yogurt Crunch, Cheerios, and Gala apple chunks sprinkled with cinnamon.

After breakfast and getting yesterday's post published, I started getting ready to go to Mom's. I fixed myself a cup of tomato soup to drink, to tide me over until we were ready to eat at Mom's. I got busy doing things before leaving and only managed to drink half of it.

This is the food line up for Sunday dinner....or at least some of it. You know me, I always miss something. Yesterday it was the hamburgers and hotdogs. I looked through every photo I have and this was the only photo of hamburgers, I could find. I couldn't even find a photo of hotdogs. I believe this is because, I take photos of the food that's done when I get there, my food is usually done, ha, ha, goody, goody, and whatever is late getting to table, misses out (especially if it's meat because as a vegetarian, I don't think about meat).

I did however get a photo of the crockpot pork. I sometimes miss meat in crockpots as well. Half the time I'm not sure how it's been fixed (seasoning, etc.) or if it's a roast, etc., what type it is. I usually wind up asking Lucas, if he's around when I get to it. I do think about whether or not it's in my food, but that's it.

I also got a shot of the hotdog chili with meat.

There was macaroni and cheese, which is something we can count on the kids eating, since they are a bit picky.

Baked beans with meat.

vegetarian chili


and bean salad.

I didn't get a shot of my veggie dog either, before I dressed it anyway. I had the choice of veggie burger or veggie dog. I chose the dog. I had it on a bun with the vegetarian chili and coleslaw. Normally I would have also had mustard and onion on it, but lately I've had tummy trouble and so I chose to leave them off. I also had an ear of corn and some potatoes, which I apparently also missed when taking photos.

For dessert we had German Chocolate cake.

and Monster Cookies. Mom made these from my recipe, which I will try to post later. I usually make these for Halloween.

I had one after dinner.

....and because I wasn't miserable yet, from eating too much, I also had a bit of cake with coffee.

I'm thinking that chocolate may be another thing that triggers tummy trouble. I was definitely miserable afterward. I didn't want anything else for the rest of the day. I forced Dale to watch, Once Upon A Time and then after he went to bed, I watched The Good Wife. I also read a bit before going to bed myself. Now it's time to get started on the house. Hoping for a productive day. Happy Monday!!

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