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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Missing My Routines

Yesterday morning I fixed myself a cup of tea first thing. I was in too much of a fog to think about a photo. I started working on the blog and completely forgot about breakfast. My routines have been so thrown off lately that I am completely screwed up.

When I finally got around to breakfast, it was nearly time for lunch, so I had brunch, but not a big brunch. I had two hash brown patties with fire roasted salsa, a slice of white American cheese split between them, and some spicy ranch dressing. It was very good. I will have to remember this combo.

While straightening up the house and getting ready for the girls in the afternoon, I had a gingerbread cookie and another cup of tea which I forgot to get a shot of. I'm hoping today will be better, but it's not off to a great start.

I fixed the girls some chicken nuggets with mac & cheese and I had my leftover broccoli casserole with extra broccoli.

I wished I'd made more broccoli, but it was enough to tide me over until dinner. I wasn't really hungry afterwards anyway, I just enjoyed the broccoli.

More leftovers for dinner. I took my semi homemade vegetable pizza from the freezer. I added a handful of shredded spinach leaves to the top of each slice and a large pinch of shredded Italian blend cheese to them as well. I popped them in my toaster oven and baked until they were hot and the cheese was melted and starting to brown.

I think next time I will do spinach on my pizza instead of broccoli, mushroom, and onion. The spinach made this so much better.

Some sundried tomatoes would have been good also.

These are my after dinner mints, 3 little Hershey's candy cane kisses.

I actually finished up early last night since there wasn't anything interesting on tv and was able to get in an hour or so of reading in before bed. I had mentioned sleeping good for the past few days, which was a mistake because last night was not a restful night. Next time I will just keep it to myself and enjoy it. I looking forward to Zumba tonight. For now I'm trying to figure out ways to make life easier. Maybe an alternate routine for days when I have the girls. Happy Thursday!!!

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