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Monday, November 21, 2011

Making Time For Sleep

I got up this morning after sleeping in a couple of hours later than usual, of course, I also went to bed later than usual as well, so I didn't really get any extra sleep. I have got to figure out a better way of doing things. My blogging schedule is completely messed up. I think I will have to stop allowing interruptions and develop some sort of routine. There has to be time for sleep. I also need Tivo or something to record tv shows to watch later.
DH had coffee made when I got up this morning and we were planning a trip to Ikea. We had to try to get ready quickly, so that we couple get back in time to go to Mom's. I just had a couple of Hostess gingerbread donuts and a cup of coffee with raw sugar and fat free creamer. I'd been using creamer that DH bought, which was light or fat free. Now that I seem to be drinking coffee more often again, I decided to lighten things up. 
We had a nice time at Ikea. I should have gotten pictures of some of the stuff. I love the style of Ikea. Some things are too expensive and somethings are pretty cheap. It was rather crowded. You really need great shoes and should expect to do some walking. It the mall is not a problem for you than you should be fine. I did like seeing everything up close, instead of online or in a catalog.  
Dale didn't see to enjoy it as much as Lucas and I did. We'll probably shop online mostly, but I think we will try to go back when it's less crowded and check out the restaurant, etc. Does anyone know if Ikea is vegetarian friendly? 

After we left Ikea, we headed over to Mom's. We got take out from China One for lunch. I had the Broccoli in Garlic Sauce, with chili oil on the side, white rice and salad with Honey Mustard dressing, which Mom had put together. I skipped the egg roll, which came with it, because all they had was pork egg rolls.

Lunch was pretty good. I also did quite a bit of off camera grazing today, mixed nuts, a bite of chocolate, a bite of cheese, even a fortune cookie. I completely forgot to read my fortune. It was actually Mom's cookie that I ate.  I never even broke mine open.

Lynda made Red Velvet Brownies. They taste a lot like a regular brownie. All though they were good, I think I prefer red velvet cake, with the "Gravy" icing, which is my favorite part. I managed to eat too much and then I had coffee, decaf of course.

I had a late dinner. I mixed together the Campbell's V8 Southwestern corn soup with the leftover Alexia Sauté Sweets. It went pretty well together. The soup was even better with the extra veggies.

It was a pretty good day, but also very exhausting. I will be busy again tomorrow. I was very late getting started this evening since I had company after I got home. No, I'm off to try and get a few hours of rest before I have to get up and start over. Forgive my mistakes. I'm tired and there's no time to correct. I will try to do better soon, once I get a game plan together. I really miss Zumba btw. I can't wait until next week after Thanksgiving. Have a great night/day!!!

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