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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Movie Night

This morning is looking a little dreary with just a spot or two of blue sky peeping through the clouds. It seems that rain is on the way. Fortunately I don't have to go out in it. I plan to work inside the house today, since Sunday dinner is off. We're considering Thanksgiving our Sunday dinner this week.

Yesterday I started off the day with a new smoothie recipe. I am calling it my Cran Apple Orange Smoothie. I added half an apple plus some Cranberry Orange Relish to my usual smoothie ingredients. Once it's all blended there are tiny bits of orange, apple & cranberry, giving it some texture. It has a great flavor and I don't mind a less than smooth smoothie. It would probably be more smooth in a better blender, like the Vitamix, which I hope to have one day.

I had a bit of lunch before going to Lindsay's yesterday. We went over to help her get the house ready for Christmas and also for the new baby which will be here sometime in March.

For lunch I had the last of my spinach stuffed mushrooms and the spinach & feta salad with French type dressing.

I also ate the piece of apple pie I'd brought home after TG dinner. There was more there than I could eat and I wished I'd had some whipped topping. Apple pie just isn't the same without whipped topping, ice cream, etc.

We stayed a Lindsay's for a while and it was dinner time when we got home. I was trying to eat a little lighter yesterday than I did the day before. I think I did do better having had some salad for lunch and then again for dinner.

I had a MSF Garden Burger & leftover stuffing with my salad of iceberg, broccoli, carrot and ranch dressing.

I should have passed on the Russell Stover chocolate, since my pants are too tight, but I was weak and decided to indulge.

We also indulged in a movie. We watched "The Lincoln Lawyer" with Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei, and also Trace Adkins. This is a movie where you need to stay focused, each part is important.  I really liked the movie and I gave it 4 stars.

After watching the movie and uploading pictures, I got a little reading in before bed, even though it was late. I haven't really had time to read lately. Maybe I can squeeze in some more today. I am more of a night reader though and my nights run too long without reading. I think I will be needing coffee today in fact I think I'll make a cup now. Happy Sunday!!!

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