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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eating Heavy Foods

I slept a little later than I'd planned. The alarm on my phone is not going off at the right time or I'm hitting the snooze and don't even realize it. Luckily I sort of realized it might be later than usual and I put my glasses on to look at the clock. It would be nice to have one I could see without them.

Yesterday morning was very similar to this morning. I wanted coffee, but was too lazy to fix it. I made another pumpkin spice smoothie and hoped that would be enough. It was enough to get me going, but not enough to keep me going.

I'd love to throw a graham cracker in just to make this feel more like a pie, but I didn't have any.

Once the smoothie wore off, I was feeling far less than energetic. I was still too lazy to fix coffee and I was afraid it was getting too late for caffeine, so I had lunch instead. There were lots of Thanksgiving leftovers.

I had part of a stuffed mushroom, green bean casserole and mashed potatoes with ranch dressing.

Lunch didn't make me feel any more energized. I did work on my living room, making a spot for my Christmas tree, afterwards I went for a piece of sweet potato pie. I still felt so sleepy and it usually gets worse in the afternoon.

Then I remembered that I had honey for tea, so I fixed myself a cup of orange, passion fruit, & jasmine green tea with wild flower honey. I really enjoyed it and the tiny bit of caffeine kept me going without keeping me up all night.

Another snack before dinner. I had 2 little rolls which I wrapped in foil and heated in my toaster oven, then I split them in two and topped them with some of the cranberry orange relish.

I ate a lot of heavy food yesterday and dinner was no exception. I think I do this mostly when I am tired. I had leftover stuffing and mac & cheese with some canned pinto beans seasoned with a little onion powder.

After taking this shot I added more bean soup and covered it all in black pepper.

I didn't feel like I'd eaten a lot of heavy food yesterday, but I feel like I did today. I still have leftovers, but maybe I can eat lighter today. We'll see how it goes. Happy Saturday!!

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